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Spare the Horses, James

vct_f300x200_1326922520In the latter half of the 19th century, Queen Victoria, whose name this city proudly bears, had a carriage driver named James Darling.  Traditionally, staff was addressed only by their surname.  As such, Queen Victoria would have addressed Mr. Darling as ‘Darling’ – possibly inappropriately.  So, she called him ‘James’.   Always impatient and anxious to get home to the palace, “Home James, and don’t spare the horses’, is said to have been a phrase she used regularly.

But we’re in no hurry here.  This is Victoria after all.  Listen.  Clip.  Clop.  Clip.  Clop.  The sound of horse’s hoofs on old pavement.  Your stress level goes down.  You begin to relax as you enjoy the sites on a 60 minute carriage ride around our beautiful, historic city.   Your driver (it may not be James) will entertain you with tales about Victoria’s historic past, some observations about the present and maybe some projections for the future.  Tally-Ho Carriage Tours, Victoria’s original carriage company, will host your ride.  At the end, you will be dropped at one of Humboldt House’s gourmet restaurant partners: The Blue Crab, Restaurant Matisse, or Pescatores.

This package includes:

  • a 60 minute private carriage ride
  • a $100 gift certificate for dinner

Add this package to any stay for only $245 (a $285 value)

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A devine retreat from modern day life. Ideally situated the Humboldt house is in the perfect location for both business and pleasure.

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Portland, OR
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